Friday, 11 August 2017

The Two Last Volumes: A Collection Of Rare '60s British Psychedelic And Mod Era Singles: Various Artists - A Perfumed Garden 1965 -1973, Vol.4+5 (2003 Past & Present Records) Flac & mp3@320

Hello Folks, it's weekend once again and i am very glad about it. The last week had a lot work and other aggravating things so i am now ready to enjoy the weekend.
I want start today with the last two volumes of the marvelous ''Perfumed Garden'' series and i hope you enjoy the music as well as i do. Enjoy it and here are the links:

  Vol.4 Flac p1 &  Vol.4 Flac p2        Vol.4 mp3@320

 Vol.5 Flac p1  &  Vol.5 Flac p2        Vol.5 mp3@320

Have fun


  1. A nice box set. Thanks for sharing.
    It's now on my iPod to play in the car.