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Saturday, 15 July 2017

British Top Notch Psychedelia: Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream 1967 (1998 Repertoire Records) Flac & mp3@320

No relation to the far better known American Kaleidoscope, though this British group was also psychedelic, and was active at almost exactly the same time in the late '60s.
Highly esteemed by some collectors, Kaleidoscope epitomized certain of the more precious traits of British psychedelia with their fairy-tale lyrics and gentle, swirling folky sound. At times they sound like a far more melodic and accessible Incredible String Band. Their folky ballads have aged best, and although there's some period charm to be found throughout their two albums, it's all a bit too cloying to rank among the finest unknown psychedelia.
Although they had a solid underground reputation in Britain, they never found wide success, and evolved into a similar group, Fairfield Parlour, by the end of the '60s.(allmusic)

And here comes the complete review by allmusic:

Probably has the edge as the best of their two albums, but not by much. Includes several of their best songs: "Flight From Ashiya," "Dive Into Yesterday," "The Murder Of Lewis Tollani," and especially the fragile ballad "Please Excuse My Face."  (Richie Unterberger, allmusic)

Wow...this at great length review let no questions unanswered.

Dear Folks maybe you know that i love this band. This is their first album full of british psychedelia and folk sounds from the mid sixties in parts influenced by ''Diamond'' Syd. Rather the guys are no simple copies. If you don't know this album and you like british psychedelia grab it. It's highly recommend. This is the Repertoire release from 1998 but i added also the artwork from the 2005 Repertoire release. The tracklist is the same and i think it's the same remastered tapes like the '98 release. So you can choose your preferred artwork if you want print it. Anyway i hope you enjoy.

           Frank     Flac part 1  &  Flac part 2           mp3@320


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